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Maven Makeup + Skincare Co.

We hope you feel welcome here, 

we strive to create an atmosphere

of excellence in every experience.

Take a look around and you'll find 

makeup, skincare, 

massage and products.

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P: 618.639.6286

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:one who is experienced or knowledgeable: expert;

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 We strive to put our best faces forward and take pride in helping others create their version of beauty. It is of the upmost importance for us to provide exceptional service and quality treatments. We have a combined 25+ years in the esthetics industry and dedicate our lives to enhancing our clients well being and promoting self confidence. By staying at the forefront of industry trends and furthering our education we are able to deliver exceptional skincare services and treatments. We are Licensed Estheticians with a passion for beauty and a drive for perfection. 


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908 State Highway 109

Jerseyville, IL 62052

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