Facial & Chemical Peels

*All facials include signature scalp massage*

Brighten up Facial-$125

 (45min) *essential oil: Tangerine

--Vitamin C cleanse, pre-treat, lactic acid peel mask,

blended AHA+peptide peel, neutralize, vitarich mask

, LED light therapy, topical c moisturizer, protect.


Glow and Go-$40

 (30 min) essential oil: Lemon

--Double cleanse, prime, enzyme peel,

steam, moisturize, protect.


Bye bye blemish-$90

(60min) essential oil: Eucalyptus

--Precleanse, acne cleanser, steam, extractions,

pretreatment, Beta peel, calming mask,

balancing moisturizer, protect.


Rezenerate NanoFacial-$200

(75 min) essential oil: Meditation Blend

-- Glycolic cleanser, enzyme, chemical or

mechanical exfoliant, product infusion, rezenerate,

calming/cooling mask, nanoglobe massage,

moisturize, protect.

*This facial includes an at home skincare kit.

Non surgical facelift-$150

(60 min) essential oil: Frankincense

--Glycolic cleanse, tone, enzyme peel,

chemical peel, Nuface massage, firming

mask, moisturize, protect.

Prenatal Facial-$75

(60 min) Essential oil- Sweet Dreams

-Massage with jade roller, cleanse, enzyme peel, mask, moisturize, protect



Dermaplane Facial-$75

(40min) Essential oil:Relaxing Blend

-Cleanse, AHA/BHA toner, nourishing oil,

dermaplane, enzyme peel, moisturize, protect

Deluxe Dermaplane-$100

(75min) Essential oil: Tranquility blend

-Cleanse, AHA/BHA toner, nourishing oil,

dermaplane, enzyme peel, customized mask,

LED light therapy, moisturize, protect


(45 min) Essential oil:Good Karma Blend

-Cleanse, tone, microdermabrasion, mask, moisturize, protect

Monthly Facial Club-$70      VIP-$60

(50 min)

-Cleanse, specialty enzyme peel, custom mask,

 hand massage, moisturize, protect

(This club requires consent and will be charged monthly)


Gentle skin Facial-$75

(50 min)Essential oil-Lavender

-Ultra calming cleanser, coconut or pineapple enzyme peel, quench cooling mask, moisturize, protect.



Gentlemen’s Facial-$60

(45 min) Essential oil: Bergamot

-Cleanse, steam, enzyme peel, mask, moisturize, protect

Chemical Peels




Jessner-$75($10 each additional layer)

Blended AHA+peptide-$90

Lactic Acid-$50


*Discontinue use or exposure of retinols, exfoliants, sun exposure/tanning, botox/fillers, lash extensions, and waxing/shaving 48hours before any scheduled service.

Curative Crystal Ritual

(75 min) $80

A customized crystal healing facial to help balance your skin, mind, body and spirit. Includes a custom facial, and crystalline healing to balance energy, remove blockages, and align your chakras.

Series of peels

This series includes 6 treatments and an at home skincare kit (available only after your first appointment)


Beta or Glycolic series- $350

TCA Peel series-$400

Blended AHA+peptide peel-$450

Skin+Soul Ritual

(90 min) $165

 A customized cleansing ritual for your skin and soul. This facial ritual incorporates energy healing (reiki or healing touch) crystal healing/chakra balancing,  gua sha, cupping, as well as a truly customized facial (cleansing, exfoliation, mask, serums & moisturizers)